Space Invader @ East London Massive

Friday, October 20, 2006

Space Invader's papers

and of course you are desperately looking for the Space Invader papers.... here you go

Space Invader comes from outer space to join us and have some fun. This is the
original Space Invader paper:
A Local Shape Analysis Based on Separation Logic...
(aka TACAS 2006 paper).

then, one night in September 2005, in a pub in Cambridge, Space Invader met Terminator and.... Mutant was born
(aka Mutant paper or CAV 2006 paper). Some pictures while making Mutant in Peter's house

without warning Space Invader decided to leap beyond the reachable galaxy and we got the space invader for pointer arithmetic
(aka malloc paper or SAS 2006 paper)

and then several other papers have followed:

Scalable Shape Analysis for System Code (CAV 2008)

Shape Analysis for Composite Data Structures (CAV 2007)

Footprint Analysis: A Shape Analysis that Discovers Preconditions (SAS 2007)