Space Invader @ East London Massive

Monday, November 03, 2008

Space Invader, high-speed and electro music...

I heard my friend Dario has now a super racer car and drives too fast. My friend J. instead would just say: "you're out of your mind!" if - a year ago- I'd have told him what Space Invader would be up to nowadays. This is despite the fact that my friend L. claims that space invaders are smoking grass. Anyhow, no matter what, just gazing at the exciting brand new result we've just crafted in the last few months for Space Invader, it becomes apparent that it's definitely far beyond what we could have imagined a year ago, even when having endless pleasure in a limousine.

Wanna know more? Come to the rendez-vous at POPL 2009, read
Compositional Shape Analysis by means of Bi-Abduction and don't forget to wear your sunglasses at night.